Automatic Mini Poultry Drinker for Chicks and Broiler

5,500.00 499.00

  • Right from the day one to maturity, height can be adjusted according to age. Constant water level and fully adjustable to suit needs of chicks and growers. easy Maintenance. Self-cleaning, dry litter. Constant flow of fresh, clean water round the clock
  • Designed to suit poultry lifestyle


Designed to perfection product.used high grade plastics for longer life.automatic water drinker will help in providing ample amount of water without spillage.this maintains hygiene environment and keeps disease s away from poultry.this will help in good growth of poultry too. It comes with 3 years of waranty the drinker provides excellent water distribution from first day through grow-out. Drinkers have a special filter which ensures continuous supply of clean water. Water level in the drinkers can be easily adjusted by twisting water level adjuster. Ballast when filled with water or gravel provides excellent stability to the drinker which greatly reduces swinging spring and valve mechanism to provide convenient performance.


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